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Kofi the human highlight reel has spent half his time acting the fool, and the other half tacking on a superfluous coup de grace to the finishing move formerly known as E's Big Ending There was some only-in-Hollywood type stuff too, including plenty of experimentation and a rocky relationship involving a sizable diamond and a hunky Australian movie star They're not my favorite people   The Pistol Annies The colors: an exclusive Courrèges-Estée Lauder collab' And the girls desperately want to trust somebody The best-dressed list is always fantastic, but it's different from other red carpetsmore relaxed than the Oscars and a little crazier than everything else (I mean,Air Jordan XXX2  Black, even Giuliana Rancic picked pants!)
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appeared on the Billboard Hot 100, Efron met with minor controversy when it was revealed he had lip-synched to the voice of Drew Seeley and only contributed a small portion of vocals on some of the songs What were they going to do,Nike Kevin Durant Shoes, anyway? Put a cast on my baby toe? As I sit here today, I'm amazed at how such a small part of my body is causing me so much pain and annoyance! Even more, it's preventing me from going running this week John the Night Tripper sat in with Delaney and Bonnie at the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach, Buddy Miles, Steve Stills and Albert Collins jammed with them at the Whisky a Go Go, and Jimi Hendrix added his guitar to theirs at the Teen Age Fair" She is seated at an outdoor cafe near her temporary Miami house,Nike Air VaporMax Black, where she is methodically huffing down cigarettes              From The Archives Issue 382: November 11, 1982                                                                                      Topics:Anna Jane Joyner is evangelical royalty: Her father, Rick Joyner, founded a South Carolina-based megachurch with 1,000 congregations in 59 countries This is what we saw when we arrivedcom for cute stuff starting at just $10!  Enter the latest Glamour sweepstakes!  Follow us on Twitter  Add us to your iGoogle homepage  Photo: ThinkstockDo you have a no-shoes policy at your house? It's funny how controversial the topic can be

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